What are embodiment and self-care?

Self-care is a practice of becoming embodied. In our culture of perfectionism and non-stop achievement, exhaustion and anxiety can overwhelm us in our everyday life. If we can experience 5-10 minutes of slowing down, tuning in and experiencing rest and relaxation in our bodies, we can change the course of the rest of our day.

Embodiment is when you experience a moment when you are rested and relaxed and you realize all the ways that you show up in the world-- physically, emotionally, spiritually. Embodiment practices acknowledge and bring your attention to the whole system of our bodies so that we can be aware of how we interact when we are living in our workplaces, families and communities and bring more choice to that interaction. Creating whole commmunities of care.

Self-care and self-awareness are internal processes of understanding what we need and how to best care for ourselves. This awareness then extends into the community as a foundation for restorative action through our leadership, creativity, vulnerability, and capacity to embrace conflict and celebrate relationships.